All in all …

Despite the deep controversy Euthanasia has, I do believe that it should be legalized for the patient’s sake, if they want to undergo the procedure to ease suffering from their illness then why not give them that right.
We live in a day and age where new medical procedures are being introduced by the minute, and if one of them helps the patients’ suffer less and they consent to the procedure then by law and medical policy, it’s mandatory to grant them this right.
While hindrances would be laws prohibiting it and the idea of it being a ‘slippery slope’, it is gradually becoming accepted in U.S States as well as it being legal in a few European countries.
No laws should forbid the patient’s right to choose thus, Euthanasia plays a significant role in the patients'(and families of the patients) well-being.

One thought on “All in all …

  1. Well written and a very convincing blog Tereise. Love how you have incorporated relevant images and headings which add interest and draws readers in to your writing. You have skillfully crafted a very persuasive argument in a way which is both informative and interesting. Hopefully the New Zealand government will focus its attention of the laws we have surrounding Euthanasia in NZ. Good work. 🙂


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