The Slippery Slope

Although Euthanasia can be beneficial for many terminally ill patients’, there are a portion(religious, skeptics etc.) that oppose it.

The term ‘slippery slope’ is a common example used for Euthanasia, meaning that the more terminally ill patients’ undergo Euthanasia then the more that the idea of ‘death’ and ‘killing of an individual’ will be accepted into society rather than protecting the patient’s right to life. Thus, this causes other patient’s to become influenced or forced to be Euthanized, feeling that is the easy way out(rather than looking for alternatives to Euthanasia).

While many would believe that it could cause a slippery slope to society, it can in fact raise awareness to other terminally ill patients’ in a sense that they can find tolerable ways of easing the suffering from their illness rather than enduring it face-on. This isn’t aiming to find an easy-way-out, but it is instead giving patients’ a process that they can agree on in terms of handling their illness. And yes, there are alternatives to Euthanasia but if the patient consents to it, then why not give them that option.


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