The Grieving Process


Dealing with the death of a loved one is always difficult, by them suffering from a terminal illness doesn’t make things easier. Not only is it difficult for the patient but it takes a heavy toll on the families/friends watching their loved one’s symptoms get worse.

In the case of natural death you may be elsewhere when your loved one dies unexpectedly, this can play a vital role to how you deal with grief.

In terms of grieving the death of a terminally-ill loved one, a cross sectional study case shows that families and friends of terminally ill cancer patients’ (who chose Euthanasia as a way of handling their death) coped better with post- traumatic stress and grief symptoms than those who bereaved the natural death of their loved one.

On a survey was done to discuss whether family members approve of Euthanasia for their loved ones. 88% said yes and 13% said no. Families have encountered the experience first hand and are the most emotionally invested in the patient therefore it is unjust to prohibit Euthanasia as this is prohibiting the grieving process for family members going through it face-value.

Moreover, if Euthanasia were legal then the grieving process would be more tolerable for families and friends of the terminally ill patient. They’d be more prepared for the stages leading up to their loved ones’ chosen time of death as opposed to dealing with an unexpected death.


One thought on “The Grieving Process

  1. Personally, I think when it is the time to pass…then it is the time to pass. Grief is part of life and it is a feeling every person has to go through every time. Morally and religiously, I still believe Euthanasia shouldn’t be legal but I do see all the valid good points you have mentioned throughout your blog. Great job. I enjoyed reading it.


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