All About The Patient

A terminally ill patient named Brittany Maynard (suffered from a lethal form of brain cancer) left her home in California to stay in Portland, Oregon as that was the only state that legalized ‘physician-assisted suicide‘, a procedure that she fully consented to. She was aiming to relieve the pain and suffering from her terminal cancer and although giving her full consent, was still refused her decision.
In New Zealand, there is an Informed Consent Law which mentions that the physician’s role is to explain the procedures that the patient will undergo and that the patient’s consent is needed before the procedure proceeds. Also, Under Right 7 in the “Code Of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights” , it states that services only go forth under the consumers full and ‘informed consent.’
Moreover, the Doctors ‘Hippocratic Oath’ states that the physician is to “act with care and compassion in…interest of our patient” and to “respect patient’s right to reach decisions with you about…treatment and care.” Legalizing Euthanasia will enforce informed consent and rights of the patient.

Legalizing Euthanasia allows patients’ to be aware of their options now that they have consent and rights to access that information. An incurable illness would mean that the deterioration of a patients’ state is inevitable but instead of them resorting on their own (terminally ill patients’ committing suicide in England), they’re now given options towards handling the pain and suffering from their terminal illness.


2 thoughts on “All About The Patient

  1. In regards to the Brittany Maynard case, it definitely wasn’t fair that she had to travel to a different state when she was terminally ill just because California hadn’t legalized Euthanasia. Cases like these make it more clear that Euthanasia should be made legal as it should be the patients choice and they shouldn’t have to travel so far when they’re so sick.
    New Zealand is definitely on the right path, allowing patients that choice. I like how you used the Hippocratic Oath to back up your claim.


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