Stand Up For Your Rights

“To deny people their human rights is to deny their very humanity.”  This quote speaks volumes especially when terminally ill patients’ are denied the right that every human being should be given- the freedom of choice.
To refuse patients’ the right to choose how they want to handle their terminal illness goes against the The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights under Article 1 (All human beings are born free… equal in dignity and rights…endowed with reason and conscience…should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood). 

Studies from mid 2014 show that nearly 70% of Americans support the idea of Euthanasia, the only thing hindering a full percentage is the influence of Religion. Moreover, 70% is a significant amount of support towards Euthanasia and U.S states should reconsider their laws prohibiting it as denying the rights to the patient is also denying the decision of the public opinion.

Also, case study shows that in England, 7% of suicides for the past five years are made up of terminally ill patients, this means around 300 patients a year are taking their own life alone and without support since the government refuses to grant them their right to ‘choose’ how they want to relieve the suffering.

Legalizing Euthanasia would be giving patients the rights that they deserve as human beings, this would grant them the ability to choose how they want to handle their terminal illness and no laws should prevent a patient from doing so.


7 thoughts on “Stand Up For Your Rights

  1. I really like the quote you have put in the introduction of this claim, it relates to your argument extremely well. But with the other information you are presenting to the readers, remember to put in link anchors where needed to support you argument. I’m finding this claim very interesting to read, the small insight you gave into Brittany Manyards story proves that cases like this could potentially happen in NZ. I’m interested to see what you come up with in your next claim.

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  2. Hello, firstly just be sure that when your using quotes, make sure they are in the right context. Manipulating quotes to fit evidence isn’t always the best way to go. for example using Nelson Mandela a know black rights activists is a tricky one. Correct me if I am wrong but Mr Mandela didn’t ever mention the rights to die. I just feel it doesn’t back your point correctly.
    Secondly, I think when using the suicide stats perhaps it would be more significant to mention the suicide % of terminally ill patients out of terminally ill patience (if that makes sense). Just keeping suicide separate from Euthanasia. They are easily mixed up in my opinion.
    Other than that your human rights quotes were spot on! you have done your research. Keep going girl

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    • Thanks for your input Savannah! Ah yes…you make a very valid point there, I just looked at the significance of the quote because it relates to this context but I did not think about the background of the individual so I’ll try and edit that somehow.
      True that! The stats were for terminally ill patients as they represented 7% of suicides but I see where you’re getting at.
      Thanks heaps for this 🙂

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  3. Really like the quote you used here ! The use of your hyperlinks is really good as well as they help back up your argument. I didn’t realize so many people in America supported Euthanasia. But with so many people supporting this, it’s mind boggling that so many places still make it illegal. It is so unfair that terminally ill patients don’t have the right to choose. Why do they have to suffer when they don’t have to.
    Keep it up (:


  4. Hi,

    I do agree that it should be the patients right too choose but yes obviously within good reason. It is interesting in this post to see how many terminally ill patients commit suicide and to see that 70% of Americans support the idea of euthanasia. I thought most people would be I didn’t think it would be as much as that. This post includes interesting research , really enjoyed this post !


  5. I like how you have focused on the patients right to end of life care. Even those opposed to Euthanasia ending a patients life can not find fault with a patients right to choose their end of life care and to have it be of a good quality. Very well written so far, you’ve combined facts and your opinion in a way that is interesting to read and not simply spouting out statistics. I look forward to reading more. =)


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