Euthanasia Should Be Made Legal

Before getting into depth with this argument, it would be enlightening to define the terms euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Euthanasia is a broad term describing the intentional act of ending one’s life in order to relieve pain and suffering, whereas assisted suicide is a form of euthanasia where the doctor or physician assists the patient in their means of dying. However, I want to focus on assisted suicide in the terms of the physician assisting “end of life care”, NOT assisting in one’s death.

Euthanasia (in particular assisted suicide) is not about ending one’s life nor is it helping the patient end their life for nothing, for that shouldn’t be the motive. Instead, it aims to assist in relieving any pain and suffering in the events leading up to their death, preventing further suffering hadn’t the procedure been administered.

Euthanasia is to relieve anything that is detrimental to the patient’s well-being when dealing with an incurable illness.


6 thoughts on “Euthanasia Should Be Made Legal

  1. Hello, I like your way of writing, its interesting and quirky. Just a little word of advice for you, rhetorical questions. We were advised not to use them, they open up to many unanswered questions and thoughts. I lie how you add in a small amount of counter arguments from the get go but this also made me a little unsure of what side you stand on.

    Look forward to your blog progressing.

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    • Thank you for your input Savannah! Oh right thanks for that I’ll change it right now. Ah yes I wanted to show both sides of the topic that would show what I am going to analyse but you’re right I should be more forward with my side to the argument- which is being being For Euthanasia. Many thanks!


  2. Such an interesting topic to choose. I definitely agree with you, that Euthanasia should be the persons choice and if society doesn’t see that, it still has a long way to go. I’d hate to see someone i loved in pain and if euthanasia was their choice, who are we to stop them.
    Can’t wait to read the rest of your blog (:

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    • Thanks for your input Mel! I am glad that we both stand in the same place with this topic. It is very sad that Euthanasia is looked at as ‘murder’ or ‘suicide’, I want to persuade others that it should be looked at under a positive light in terms of the patients having full consent to make this decision.
      Many thanks! 🙂

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  3. This is interesting. I’m quite against euthanasia due to moral and religious reasons. I don’t see Euthanasia as a murder, but I do see it as suicide. I see it as a form of suicide. You see, Euthanasia is a painless killing of a patient who is suffering from an incurable disease. Suicide is the action of killing oneself intentionally. They link together, in my opinion. Suicide can come in different forms, with pain or painless. Suicide has this wide definition and interpretation. Euthanasia in my opinion comes under that.
    I’ll keep reading, maybe it will change my mind..


  4. Hello!
    I find this topic quite interesting, even if I’m not really keen on such sort of things. I considered your claims for euthanasia very supportive, especially because of given evidence, that was very pleasant to read about Informed Consent Law and ‘Hippocratic Oath’. I’m still not sure on what side I am, but mostly on “for” side. That’s pretty bad and desperate to ask for the euthanasia because your family and close people will be upset, especially if this is chosen by young patient, for example, by a child 7-10 years old with cancer. However, I consider euthanasia as a right choice and not the worst way to end the life if you are in a terribly bad health condition. Anyway, euthanasia should be legal as averyone has his own right to choose what is better for him.
    Thank you for your discussion.


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